Brandgut Vegan German spreads - PEACETAZIE - 160g - Art.-Nr.: 1007


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Outrageously delicious, unprecedented spreads made from crispy roasted nuts.

Made from roasted cashews, hazelnuts, peanuts, or pistachios. Handmade, vegan, without additives, and highly addictive.

INGREDIENTS: pistachios, sugar, sunflower oil, vanilla sugar, sea salt.
May contain traces of other nuts, kernels and seeds.

IMPORTANT: We do not use any additives. The oil settles over time and is naturally preserved at the bottom. (Yeah!) Please stir before use.

OH YES! Store in a cool and dark place and hide it well from others after opening.


Packaging size in cm approx. 7/7/7


  • Brand Name: Brandgut
  • Vegan

Art.-Nr. / Item Number: 1007

Origin: Germany
Manufacturer: Meike Grosch and Daniel Thaung, GbR Schmarjestr. 11.22767 Hamburg