Paul & Pippa - Cheese me - BIO - 150g

Paul & Pippa von Barcelona

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Paul & Pippa - Cheese me - BIO - 150g

Parmesan cumin crackers

Parmesan Cumin Crackers: Miss Cheese-Me has that certain something. With salmon and white wine she turns up to the top. In Cheese-Me you can fall in love and you can completely fall for it. This taste is unique.


WHEAT flour (gluten), margarine, Parmesan CHEESE REGGIANO (MILK) 11%, cane sugar, salt, extra virgin olive oil 1%, yeast

Existing allergens:

Gluten-containing cereal and products made thereof (1),  
milk and the like products made thereof (milk protein),  
milk and the like products made thereof (lactose)

Nutrition information (typical values ​​per 100g)

Energy / Energy 2,168.71 kJ / 518.00 kcal
Fat / Fat 31.0 g
- of which saturated fatty acids / - of which saturates 11.00 g
Carbohydrates / carbohydrates 51.00 g
- of which sugar / - of which sugars 9.00 g
Fiber / Fiber 6.00 g
Protein / protein 7.00 g
Salt / salt 0.94  g

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