Mic's Chilli - Hot Double IPA Sauce Of Foam and Fury - 155g

Mic's Chilli

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Hot Double IPA Sauce Of Foam and Fury

This fiery drop combines the fruity flavors of the "Of Foam and Fury" IPA (India Pale Ale) from the Galway Bay Brewery - a strong, light beer - originally brewed in the UK for Indian Crown colonies - malty, with the fiery, spicy flavor of the Habanero chilis.

Scoville: about 30,000

Product Description :

The founder Mic developed a love of fine chilli sauce when on an exploration of Belize in 1994, it was a new hot tasty world that was discovered. Since then Mic has yearned for those highs, and after a little inspiration and much time perfecting his recipe Inferno Sauce was born. He feels good again! And so Mic's Chilli was born.

Mic's Chilli is proud to present its range of devilishly delightful sauces to you. So whether you need a little pick me up to bring your dishes back from the dead, or are just looking for a kinky dipping sauce, Mic's Chilli have just the thing for you.

A little less hot but still attractive!

Add to your favourite dishes when cooking for a devilishly delightful Habanero kick or place on the table as a kinky dipping sauce.


Double concentrated IPA beer (BARLEY, HOP, YEAST) 50%, Habanero chili 15%, vinegar, water, carrots, salt, spices, stabilizer: xanthan gum)


Existing allergens:

Gluten-containing cereal and Products made thereof (1)


May contain traces of tree nuts and their by-products, sesame, eggs and gluten. 

May contain traces of almonds, hazelnuts, pistacios and peanuts.

/Kann spuren von schalenfrüchten, sesam, ei und gluten enhalten.

Nutrition information (typical values per 100g)

Energie / Energy 188.40 kJ / 45.00 kcal
Fat / Fat 0.0g
- davon gesättigte Fettsäuren / - of which saturates 0.0 g
Kohlenhydrate/Carbohydrat 5,30g
- thereof sugar / - of which sugars 2.10g
Dietary Fibre 0 g
Protein / Protein 4,20g
Salz / Salt 1.50g

 Art.-Nr. / Item Number:  1387

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