Lasse Lakrits - Caramel Salmiak Liquorice - 165g - Art.-Nr.: 4023

Lasse Lakrits

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Caramel Salmiak

The pieces in our jar of salty Salmiak caramel meets sweet licorice and soft caramel cream. A taste experience that tempts you to eat a little more again and again. Of course, we do not use any artificial colors or preservatives in our licorice pieces. It has to be “naturally delicious” because that's what we stand for.

Without palm oil.

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Adult licorice - not a child's licorice!

sugar, wheat flour, molasses, glucose syrup, ammonium chloride, vegetable fat (shea, coconut), gelatine, salt, licorice extract, stabilizer: glycerine, color: caramel, vegetable charcoal, flavor 

Nutritional values ​​per 100g:
Energy 1395kj / 329kcal, fat 1.9g, of which saturated fatty acids 0.7g, carbohydrates 73.8g, of which sugar 56g, fiber <1.0g, protein 3.4g, salt 0.5g

Packaging  size in cm approx. 7/7/8

Origin: Lasse Lakrits
Manufacturer: Lasse Lakrits Donatusstraße 149, 50259 Pulheim

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