Haupt Liquorice Svenskjävlar, extremely salty, 1 x 250g - Art.Nr.: 786167

Haupt licorice from Sweden

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Salty, saltier, saltiest!

Haupt licorice Svenskjävlar, extremely salty keeps a promise: they are salty! The small licorice pieces have a creamy filling of licorice cream and coated with salmiak powder.

The consistency offers a pleasant chewing resistance with a soft filling.

The surface is slightly biting due to the ammonia powder.
A surprising experience for all licorice lovers.

In Sweden, Haupt Lakrits Svenskjävlar, extremely salty is a box office hit.

Haupt Lakrits Svenskjävlar, extremely salty is produced without the addition of palm oil. 

Haupt licorice Svenskjävlar, extremely salty are delivered in a transparent storage tin with metal lid.

Sugar, molasses, wheat flour, glucose syrup, water, licorice extract, ammonia, coconut fat, sorbitol (E420), potato flour, canola oil, anise, surface treatment agent (carnauba wax).

Nutritional values per 100g
Calorific value 1970 kj (472 kcal)
Fat 25.2 g - of which saturated fatty acids 15.3 g
Carbohydrates 52.2 g - of which sugar 43.2 g
Dietary fiber 5.14 g
Protein 6,58 g
Salt 0.218 g

: Sweden