Haupt Lakrits Smålänningar, 1 x 250g - Art.Nr.: 786184

Haupt licorice from Sweden

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Haupt licorice Smålänningar are licorice candies being made in a factory in Småland (hence the name).

Flavored with licorice from Calabria, chili, and cayenne pepper.

Haupt has been making candies for almost 100 years now with excellent results. Try it for yourself!

Haupt Lakrits Smålänningar  are delivered in a transparent storage jar with a plastic lid .

PU: 1 x 250g

Ingredients: water, powdered sugar, glucose syrup, liquorice powder, salmiak, chilli, cayenne pepper, liquorice flavor, color (biochar)

Nutritional values ​​per 100g
calorific value 1335 kj (319 kcal)
fat 0 g - of which saturated fatty acids 0 g,
carbohydrates 81.5 g - of which sugar 69 , 3 g
fiber 0 g
protein 0.4 g
salt 1.50 g

Origin: Sweden
Haupt Lakrits AB
Rörvägen 60
SE-13650 Jordbro