geiler Honey - German honey - 380g

geiler Honig von Deutschland

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geiler Honey - German honey - 380g

Very creamy, very mild and almost white. That's how our rapeseed honey is made. Especially popular with honey skeptics, children.

Why is that so? Rape honey contains significantly more glucose and therefore less fructose than other flower honeys. Grape sugar is mainly responsible for the formation of crystals in honey, and thus its consistency. To ensure that our rape blossom still melts beautifully smooth on the tongue, the coarse sugar crystals must be crushed by diligently stirring the fresh harvest.

60 % of rapeseed.

Result: Our honey consists of 82% rapeseed. In addition, the bees on the right and left side of the field have eaten a little bit of fruit tree, raspberry bush, field bean, dandelion and maple.

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