Emma Thee - Rooibos Chaic - 100g

Emma Thee from Netherlands

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Rooibos Chai is a spicy mixture with cinnamon. Ginger. Pepper and cardamom. Wonderful during autumn and winter.

Pure rooibos tea is rich in vitamin C.

Advantages of rooibos tea:

+ Rich in vitamins and minerals

+ Gives a calming feeling

+ Does not

contain caffeine Did you know:

Rooibos tea is not a tea? Because it is not made from the tea plant but the needle-shaped rooibos bush.

Taste: spicy

Brewing advice:

1 teaspoon

100 degrees Celsius

5-8 minutes

Ingredients: Rooibos. Cinnamon. Ginger. Basil. Lemongrass. black pepper. Cloves and cardamom.

Allergens: Does not contain allergens.

Storage instructions:

Cool. Store in a closed container in a dark and dry place.

Manufacturer : Monsignor Hendriksenstraat 12 7031 HN Wehl The Netherlands

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Long13 cm
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Made inNetherlands
Brand location
Monsignor Hendriksenstraat 12
7031 HN Wehl The Netherlands
item number8719925514333