David Rio Chai Elephant Vanilla 1816g

Vereinigte Staaten von Amerika

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Elephant Vanilla is a popular chai tea from David Rio. Elephant Vanilla Chai Tea contains the same ingredients as Tiger Spice variant, but this is added Madagascar Bourbon Vanilla - and has a delicious vanilla flavor. 

Prepare Elephant Vanilla chai tea with hot water or milk. 

Ingredients: Cane sugar, creamer (coconut oil, corn syrup solids, sodium CASEINATE, mono and diglycerides, dipotassium phosphate, soy lecithin), honey granules, black tea powder, vanilla, natural spice blend, natural flavors.

Cane sugar, creamer (milk-free cream), natural flavors, ground cinnamon, mixed spices, dried corn syrub, honey granulate, black tea powder (4%), vanilla (2%). cane sugar, coconut oil, corn syrup solids, honey granules, black tea powder (4%), vanilla (2%), sodium caseinate (a milk derivative), natural spice blend, natural flavors, ground cinnamon, emulsifier (monoand diglycerides) , stabilizer (dipotassium phosphate), emulsifier (soy lecithin).

Calorific value Energy in kj 1821.42 kcal per 100g
Brennwert Energy in kcal 435.71 kcal your 100g
Protein content 2.86
Carbohydrates 75
Fat 12.14
Zucker 64,29
Salt 0.11
saturated fatty acids 6.43

Certificates: kosher, gluten free kosher, gluten free
Additives / warning notices / EN:

Additives Warning "Contains soy and caffeine." "Contains soy and caffeine."
Art.-Nr. / Item Number: 11001

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