Blömboom Foodservice - Pure Cocoa, 1er Pack (1 x 1 kg) - 1000g

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Product Specifications

Brand Name: Blömboom

Features: 100% cocoa powder in refill bag.

Of which. Our chocolate content can be seen. Because more is more. And less would be silly.

Strong as a monkey!



Product description: BLÖMBOOM means "monkey strong." While the language that goes with it is still waiting to be discovered somewhere, we have already found the right chocolate: Our cocoa beans ripen on organic plantations in South America. You can taste that, and that's why we use a lot of them. Our chocolate content is impressive. Because more is more. And less would be silly.

Ingredients: Cocoa (heavily deoiled)* 100%.

Nutrition information (typical values per 100g)

Energy 1317.0 kJ / 314.763 kcal

Fat / Fat 11,0g

- of which saturated fatty acids / - of which saturates 12,8g

Carbohydrates /Carbohydrate 14g

- of which sugars / - of which sugars 0g

Dietary fiber / Fibre 0g

Protein / Protein 20,4g

Salt / Salt 0,04g

Art.-No. / Item Number: 15430

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