Barts Beans Coffee - The classic - 250g - Art.No: The-Classic-250

Barts Beans Kaffee von Die Niederlande

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If you're looking for a coffee with low acidity that has a subtle and pleasant taste, this is an ideal composition. Partly due to the java, this coffee gives earthy flavors. This coffee is recognizable to many has a nice blend and texture which is recognizable to many coffee drinkers.

Origin Indonesia

Branding City Roast


This blend is a must for lovers looking for a coffee that can be used for everything. Due to its powerful body as an espresso variant and a nice layer of crema in the café cream, 'The Classic' is great for all types of coffee.

TIP: This coffee pairs well with chocolate with a cocoa content of 70% and is perfect for making iced coffee. You can find more chocolate on the website of

Waldo Chocolate & Confectionery

Grinding: Of course, we can also grind our coffee beans for you. Please contact us for this.

Packaging: Much of the daily packaging we use is made from fossil fuels and then burned. Not exactly environmentally friendly and certainly not circular. This compostable packaging is made from 40% to 60% renewable resources.

Product specifications

Length 9.50 cm

Width 7 cm

Height 23 cm

Weight 250 gram

Values: Dutch Design, Environmentally friendly, Handmade, Organic

Made in Netherlands

Brand location Netherlands

EAN 7436956334396

Item number: The-Classic-250

Bartsbeans Kitsteeg 7, ALKMAAR 1811EP Netherlands

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