Barts Beans Coffee - The Bourbon - 500g - Art.No: The-Bourbon-500

Barts Beans Coffee from The Netherlands

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Are you a fan of a coffee with rich aromas and a sweet taste? Then 'The Bourbon' is exactly what you are looking for. The Bourbon is an extremely balanced coffee with hints of milk chocolate, vanilla, and caramel.

Origin Brazil

Medium roast


The yellow bourbon is a special variety because the coffee cherry is not red but yellow. The beans are semi-washed, meaning the beans are washed and dried with the berries still partially wrapped around them. This gives the bean a slightly sweeter and mocha flavor


Of course, we can also grind our coffee beans for you. Please contact us about this.


Much of the daily packaging we use is made from fossil fuels and then burned. Not exactly environmentally friendly and certainly not circular. This compostable packaging is made from 40% to 60% renewable resources.

Product specifications

Length 9.50 cm

Width 7 cm

Height 23 cm

Weight 250 gram

Values Dutch Design, Environmentally friendly, Handmade, Organic

Made in the Netherlands

Brand location the Netherlands

EAN 7436956335324

Item number The-Bourbon-250

Bartsbeans Kitsteeg 7, ALKMAAR 1811EP Netherlands