Minimal Packaging

All products in this section are sent with minimal packaging.

What does this mean? No more fancy outer packaging from the vendors to throw away. No new boxes will be purchased for this shipment. All items will be sent with no outer packaging that needs to be thrown out. You will receive the very minimal packaging needed for the product and of course the minimal shipping material needed to ship the product to you.

Of course, all packaging will have the ingredients and energy labels available for each item purchased via a QR code and continually available on our website. 

Regular price €5,35 EUR Unit price €2,68 EUR per 100g
Regular price €5,35 EUR Unit price €2,68 EUR per 100g Chokodays in Stock 15 are ready for shipment, delivery time 1- 4 working days
Approximate shipping weight Ca. 0.2 kg Barcode: 7350037960352